Patent Law Practice

Prior to his retirement, Dr. Heines’ primary focus has been on the preparation of patent applications and in assisting clients in developing and implementing appropriate patent strategies. He has worked directly with scientists and engineers, their supervisors and managers, and in-house corporate counsel, and his clients have included large and small corporations, universities, and individuals. He has also performed due diligence for portfolio acquisitions and fund raising, has provided detailed analyses for use in patent litigation, and has made numerous court appearances in patent-related cases, both as a fact witness and an expert witness.

Dr. Heines’ Areas of Expertise
  • organic and inorganic chemistry, including agricultural and pharmaceutical chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, explosives and propellants, petroleum chemistry, immunology and immunodiagnostics, biotechnology and life sciences, drug delivery systems, ceramics, metal alloy microstructures, and carbon nanotubes
  • chemical engineering, including reactor design and unit operations in general, and reaction engineering
  • mechanical engineering, including medical devices, laboratory instrumentation and analytical techniques, rocketry and aerodynamics, and semiconductor fabrication
Henry Heines portrait